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Speed dating chatham

Where Boris Johnson foresaw “sunlit meadows”, Sir John foresaw drizzling wilderness.

“The British people,” he groaned, “have been led to expect a future that seems unreal and over-optimistic.” Opportunities had been “inflated beyond any reasonable expectation of delivery”.

Individuals as well as the whole group are looking for properties where we can exercise our hobby of looking for metallic objects ...

Do you need an extra person for the badminton game this weekend? (3 weeks away) I had a team that agreed to join, i signed up and everyone backed out ...

This year, I was honoured to represent women in journalism at the half -day seminar, spending 20 minutes each with five groups of young women.

Looking for properties to briefly explore Chatham's Metal detecting club is looking for places to detect. Do you need or can you offer assistance to those in need?

Registration coming soon and Launching Summer 2017 ( July 4th) with over 80 locations across Canada (Ages 6-12), we are creating an " EPIC Experience" ... Hello Chatham-Kent, Are you looking for something to do? I'm Miranda, I am looking for team members to join my team for the August 20th color run in London!!

Primary interest will be on finding a Pitcher or Catcher, but any position will be considered if ...

It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to work and then lead a student newspaper in Grade 12 and 13, that I realized journalism was the career I wanted to pursue.

It’s tough to make choices about your future at such a young age, but with the help of Junior Achievement’s World of Choices seminar last week, young women in Grade 10 across Chatham-Kent were given the opportunity to learn from women mentors in a wide variety of careers.

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We are bringing you the chance to meet a variety of age appropriate singles and want to bring excitement back to the single nightlife of Winnipeg.