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The show introduced Linda's family in 2012, beginning with her "recovering drug addict" sister Denise Andrews (Kate Mc Evoy) who hasn't had "any contact in years".

Of Denise's introduction, producer Nikki Wilson said, "Denise suddenly arrives with two kids in tow, and leaves them with Linda.

Many are awaiting the wedding date of "Divergent" lead star Theo James', following his proposal to fiancé Ruth Kearney.

But the long hiatus to the announcement has led many to speculate the reason behind the delay.

However, the pair staunchly denied that they are dating, even though rumors started sparking again when the duo was spotted at Comic-con.

Woodley and James were at the San Diego convention last week to talk about the upcoming sequel to "Divergent," entitled "Insurgent" and to promote the home entertainment release of "Divergent," which will be available on DVD/ Blu-ray on Aug.

Linda Andrews, played by Christine Tremarco, made her debut appearance in the twentieth episode of the twenty-fourth series, broadcast on 16 January 2010.Fortunately, he seemed to have chosen the right approach because it has turned into one of the most favorite moments of fans of the movie.Despite this, both Shailene and Theo openly admitted that they are not dating.Rumors have been circling that his co-star, Shailene Woodley, is the reason why the actor is holding off the marriage.It seems that James and Woodley's incredible on-screen chemistry is starting to make a different impression to their fans.

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Many fans are wondering if the delay in the marriage is because of James’ closeness with his co-star and fan favorite Shailene Woodley, or is there something else going on between the engaged couple?

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